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Вікторина Хто найрозумніший Вступне слово вчителя

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Вікторина « Хто найрозумніший «

Вступне слово вчителя :

Good morning dear pupils, guests . You are welcome to the intellectual English

contest « The Cleverest « . The pupils of the seventh form will take part in them . Our aim is to show pupils’ knowledge not only of English but Literature, Geography , to widen outlook and encourage pupils to speak . Now I’d

like to introduce our jury to you … I know they will judge our competition fairy .

1. Greeting .Each team will speak about themselves

Captain 1. I am the captain of the first team . Our team is « Wonderfuls . Our

team consists of …. pupils . They are all merry and witty .We like English very much .Our motto is « It is better to do well than to say well « . Our emblem

is …

Captain 2. My name is … I am the captain of the second team . We are witty and merry too . English is our favourite lesson . Our team is « Friendship «.

Our motto is « A friend in need is a friend indeed « . Our emblem is …

2. Captain’s competition . The captain of each team recites a poem .

Captain 1.

English is wonderful

English is great .

We can travel to England

By plane or by train .

We should speak it well

To make many friends

And to write e-mail.

Captain 2.

I met a little girl

Who came from another land .

I could not speak her language

But I took her by the hand .

We danced together

Had such fun .

Dancing is a language

You can speak with anyone .

3. Match the adjectives .

cloud- ---

snow ---

flower ---

test ---

house ---

boy ---

lesson ---

tomato ---

grass ---

winter ---

mark ---

car ---

4. Artist’s competition .You should listen to a text and draw a picture .

Матеріали : папір А4 ( 2шт ) , фломастери або кольорові олівці .


There is a big house in the middle of the picture . The house is yellow with red roof . There are two windows in the house and one door . To the left of the house is a green tree . To the right of the house there are two flowers . One flower is red , the second is blue . There is a black dog under the tree. A fat cat is on the tree .

5. Miming . The task for each team is to show the story they get to another team in miming . Another team has to guess what they show .


You come to a shop and buy some food .

Task 2

You have a strong toothache , go to the dentist and ask for help .

6. The competition « Who is the quickest « . You have to answer as many

questions as you can in one minute .


1. What is the national dish in Ukraine ? ( borsch )

2. Where do kangaroos live ? ( in Australia )

3. Where is China situated ? ( In Asia )

4. What is the official language in the USA ? ( English )

5. What is the fastest way of travelling ? ( by plane )

6. Which is the largest ocean ?( The Pacific Ocean )

7. Are elephants good swimmers ? (Yes )

8. Who wrote « Tom Sawyer « ? ( Mark Twain )

9. I have done the exercise .What is the tense ? ( Present Perfect )

10. Name the odd word : tree, sun , flower , grass ( sun )

11. What is the capital of the USA? ( Washington )

12. What is the British national drink ?( tea )

13. What river does London stand on ? ( the Thames )

14. Who wrote « Jungle Book « ? ( R.Kipling )

15. Where was baseball invented ?( the USA )

16. When do British people celebrate Christmas ?( 25th of December )

17. Who discovered America ? ( Columbus )

18. Is an orange a vegetable or a fruit ? ( fruit )

19. What is the symbol of Easter ? ( an egg )

20. What is the official name of Britain ? ( the United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland )

21. What is the capital of Great Britain ?( London )

22. What is the highest peak of Great Britain ?( Ben Nevis )

23. What is the longest river in Britain ? ( the Severn )

24. Why do the British people often talk about weather ? ( it’s changeable )

25. What is there in the centre of Trafalgar Square ? ( Nelson Column )

26. Where is the United Kingdom situated ? ( on the British Isles )

7. Proverbs . Your task is to translate proverbs from English into Ukrainian .

- When Adam was a boy

( За царя Панька )

-Charity begins at home

(Своя сорочка ближче до тіла )

-Every day is not Sunday

( Не все котові масниця )

-To get out of bed on the wrong side

( Встати не з тієї ноги )

-Curiosity killed the cat

( Цікавій Варварі носа відірвали )

- Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you

( Не буди лихо , поки воно спить )

-Do not look a gift horse in the mouth

( Дарованому коневі в зуби не дивляться )

-When two Sundays come together

( Після дощику в четвер )

8. Show the proverbs


As busy as a bee

To buy a pig in a poke

Team 2

Do not teach your grandmother to suck eggs

The devil is not so black as he is painted

9. Opposites . Your task is to write opposites to every word .

  • Black

  • Right

  • Boy

  • Big

  • Good

  • Clean

  • Long

  • Hot

10. Reading difficult words .

Team 1 Team 2

1. Always 1. Cycling

2. high 2. already

3. wrong 3. said

4. spread 4. meant

5. weather 5. heart

6. found 6. heard

7. bought 7. tear

8. here 8. thousand

9. hare 9. draw

10. author 10. sugar

11. Guess the meaning of the words

The task is to show the word to another team using only miming .

This team should say this word .

Team 1

Cat , to watch TV , washing , tree , teacher

Team 2

Dog , cooking , flower , farmer , to read a book

12. Mix up . Guess the words .

-ernal ( learn )

- higesln ( English )

- ujtesc ( subject )

- ormslaocs ( classroom )

- keds ( desk )

- ippulus ( pupils )

13. Guess the riddle .

1. It can not talk but it can bark ( a dog )

2. It can live without water for a long time ( a camel )

3. I am coloured , I am bright . I can walk an I can fly . I can not swim but I can sing usually in the morning ( a cock )

4. What animal has long hair round its neck ?( a lion )

5.It is a wild animal and it likes bananas ?( a monkey )

6. This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animal , it gives milk .

14. Crossword puzzle .

Our competition has come to the end . We are thankful to our teams , Let’s listen to our jury …. I wish you all the best .


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