With our children. Gary and Joe. They\

With our children. Gary and Joe. They're both very confident. Also, from a very early age they would come down and talk to our regular customers. It's given both of them a great start in life

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НазваWith our children. Gary and Joe. They're both very confident. Also, from a very early age they would come down and talk to our regular customers. It's given both of them a great start in life
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Test #1

You are going to read a magazine article in which a father describes his relationship with his son.
For questions 1-8, choose the answer
А-D which you think fits best according to the text.

Gary and Me

The restaurant owner John Moore writes about his relationship with his son Gary, the famous TV chef.

I believe everyone's given a chance in life. My son, Gary, was given his chance with cooking, and my chance was to run a restaurant. When I heard about the opportunity, I rushed over to look at the place. It was in a really bad state. It was perfect for what l had in mind.
Coming into this business made me recall my childhood. I can remember my mother going out to work in a factory and me being so upset because I was left alone. With that in mind, I thought, 'We want time for family life.' My wife dedicated herself to looking after the children and did all my accounts, while I ran the business. We lived over the restaurant in those days, and we always put a lot of emphasis on having meals together. It's paid dividends with our children. Gary and Joe. They're both very confident. Also, from a very early age they would come down and talk to our regular customers. It's given both of them a great start in life.
Gary was quite a lively child when he was really small. We had a corner bath, and when he was about seven he thought he'd jump into it like a swimming pool, and he knocked himself out. When he was older he had to work for pocket money. He started off doing odd jobs and by the age of about ten he was in the kitchen every weekend, so he always had loads of money at school. He had discipline. He used to be up even before me in the morning. If you run a family business, it's for the family, and it was nice to see him helping out.
Gary wasn't very academic, but he shone so much in the kitchen. By the age of 15 he was as good as any of the men working there, and sometimes he was even left in charge. He would produce over a hundred meals, and from then I knew he'd go into catering because he had that flair. So when he came to me and said, 'Dad I've got to do work experience as part of my course at school,' I sent him to a friend of mine who's got a restaurant.
Gary recently took up playing the drums and now he has his own band. Goodness knows what will happen to the cooking if the music takes off. My advice to Gary would be: if you start chasing two hares, you end up catching neither, so chase the hare you know you're going to catch. He understood when I said to him: 'Gary, if you're going to get anywhere in life, you've got to do it by the age of 30. If you haven't done it by then, it's too late.'
Gary went to catering college at the age of 17, and on his first day he and the other new students - they're normally complete beginners - were given what's supposed to be a morning's work. But within an hour Gary had chopped all his vegetables, sliced all his meats. He'd prepared everything. That's my son for you! In the end, he was helping other people out.
None of us can believe how successful Gary's TV cookery series has become. I'm extremely proud of him. I've always tried to tell him that if you want something, you've got to work jolly hard for it, because no one gives you anything. He's seen the opportunity he's been given and grabbed hold of it with both hands. You know, you talk to your children as they grow up, and if they only take in ten per cent of what you've told them, you've got to be happy with that. The things Gary says, the things he does, I think, well, lie must have listened sometimes.

1 How did the writer react to his own big chance?


He worried about the problems.


Не saw what could be done.


Не thought the family would suffer.


He wondered if he should take it.

2 How did the writer's childhood influence his own family life?


He realised that the pattern was repeating itself.


Не encouraged his children to talk to him.


Не made sure there was plenty of personal contact.


He asked his wife to stay at home.

3 What does the writer mean by 'paid dividends' in paragraph 2?


brought financial reward


produced benefits


was worth the suffering


allowed money to be saved

4 As a young boy, Gary


showed how determined he could be.


was always in trouble.


was motivated by money.


demonstrated a variety of talents.

5 What is Gary's father's attitude to Gary playing in a band?


pleased that he has a hobby he enjoys


interested in how he can introduce music into the restaurant


concerned that music may interfere with his career


doubtful whether he will have time to improve his technique

6 What does 'done it' refer to in paragraph 5?


chosen a profession


achieved success


caught a hare


lived your life

7 According to his father, what was typical about Gary's behaviour on his first day at college?


He helped other people.


Не impressed those in charge.


Не tried to make his father proud.


He performed the task efficiently.

8 How does his father regard Gary's upbringing?


His encouragement has caused Gary's success.


The family influence on Gary was too strong.


Gary has forgotten important lessons.


Gary has learnt some essential things.

TEST # 2



Read the sentences below. For questions (1-15) choose the correct answer (A, B, or C).

1.Did you saw her …?

    1.   ?    nowhere

    2.   ?    somewhere

    3.   ?    anywhere

  1. Sam’s pen is broken; he has got ..... to write with.

    1.   ?    nothing

    2.   ?    something

    3.   ?    anything

  2. ..... can answer this question. It isn't very simple.

    1.   ?    no one

    2.   ?    anyone

    3.   ?    someone

  3. The policeman wanted me to tell him ..... I know.

    1.   ?    everything

    2.   ?    anything

    3.   ?    something

  4. ..... knows where Gilda is at present. She hasn't left her address to anyone.

    1.   ?    someone

    2.   ?    anyone

    3.   ?    no one

  5. Let’s not go ..... in the evening. Let's stay at home.

    1.   ?    somewhere

    2.   ?    anywhere

    3.   ?    nowhere

  6. Let’s have dinner. ..... is hungry.

    1.   ?    somebody

    2.   ?    everybody

    3.   ?    anybody

  7. I don’t want ..... to help me. I can very well do it myself.

    1.   ?    anybody

    2.   ?    nobody

    3.   ?    somebody

  8. I know ..... about your town. Will you tell me something about it?

    1.   ?    everything

    2.   ?    something

    3.   ?    nothing

  9. Look! ..... has broken the window.

    1.   ?    nobody

    2.   ?    anybody

    3.   ?    somebody

  10. ..... knows anything about his background.

    1.   ?    nobody

    2.   ?    anybody

    3.   ?    somebody

  11. I like the people here. ..... is so nice.

    1.   ?    somebody

    2.   ?    everybody

    3.   ?    everything

  12. Ann said ..... but I didn’t understand her.

    1.   ?    anything

    2.   ?    something

    3.   ?    nothing

  13. Why are you standing? – Because there is ..... to sit.

    1.   ?    everywhere

    2.   ?    nowhere

    3.   ?    somewhere

  14. I didn’t know about the meeting. ..... told me about it.

    1.   ?    somebody

    2.   ?    nobody

    3.   ?    anybody

Test # 3



Read the sentences below. For questions (1-12) choose the correct answer (A, B, or C).

  1. Rob _____ the box and looked inside.

    1.   ?    was opening

    2.   ?    had opened

    3.   ?    opened

  2. "I _____ about buying a new car recently."
    "Really? What sort of car?"

    1.   ?    thought

    2.   ?    have been thinking

    3.   ?    have thought

  3. "Kim looked tired this morning."
    "I know. She _____ all night long."

    1.   ?    studied

    2.   ?    had been studying

    3.   ?    had studied

  4. They _____ for hours when they stopped for a rest.

    1.   ?    had walked

    2.   ?    were walking

    3.   ?    had been walking

  5. I was running when I _____ on the ice.

    1.   ?    slipped

    2.   ?    was slipping

    3.   ?    had slipped

  6. It _____ while they were playing the football match.

    1.   ?    rained

    2.   ?    was raining

    3.   ?    had rained

  7. "So what happened?"
    "We _____ through the woods when we heard a gunshot."

    1.   ?    had walked

    2.   ?    walked

    3.   ?    were walking

  8. They _____ the tickets when they went to the concert.

    1.   ?    bought

    2.   ?    had already bought

    3.   ?    were already buying

  9. "Did you stay up late last night?"
    "No. I _____ all day, so I went to bed early."

    1.   ?    had been working

    2.   ?    was working

    3.   ?    worked

  10. Carol _____ her arm, so she couldn't write for six weeks.

    1.   ?    broke

    2.   ?    was breaking

    3.   ?    had broken

  11. Lynne _____ as she was cleaning the windows.

    1.   ?    sang

    2.   ?    was singing

    3.   ?    had sung

  12. We _____ in a hotel by the sea last summer.

    1.   ?    had stayed

    2.   ?    had been staying

    3.   ?    stayed

TEST # 4



Read the sentences below. For questions (1-12) choose the correct answer (A, B or C).

  1. A dog ..... by the small red car.

    1.   ?    is hitting

    2.   ?    was hit

    3.   ?    was hitting

  2. The books must ..... by 12 December.

    1.   ?    will be returned

    2.   ?    have returned

    3.   ?    be returned

  3. A cinema is a place where films ......

    1.   ?    are shown

    2.   ?    have been shown

    3.   ?    show

  4. It's a big company. It ..... two hundred people.

    1.   ?    employs

    2.   ?    is employed

    3.   ?    employing

  5. Football ..... for hundred of years.

    1.   ?    has been played

    2.   ?    was played

    3.   ?    has played

  6. The book ..... by Hardy.

    1.   ?    was wrote

    2.   ?    wrote

    3.   ?    was written

  7. The university of Michigan is one of the best universities in the United States and it ..... in Ann Arbor.

    1.   ?    located

    2.   ?    is located

    3.   ?    location

  8. This is a large hall. Many parties ..... here.

    1.   ?    has been held

    2.   ?    are being held

    3.   ?    are held

  9. The Earth's surface ..... mostly ..... with water.

    1.   ?    has ... been covered

    2.   ?    is ... covered

    3.   ?    was ... covered

  10. He ..... responsible for the accident.

    1.   ?    is holding

    2.   ?    was holding

    3.   ?    was held

  11. The bridge ..... by tomorrow morning.

    1.   ?    will have been reconstructed

    2.   ?    is being reconstructed

    3.   ?    will be reconstructed

  12. People ..... this road very often.

    1.   ?    aren't used

    2.   ?    haven't used

    3.   ?    don't use


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