1. \"I am sorry that we can\

1. "I am sorry that we can't have breakfast together this morning. I woke up late and now I have to dash to work," Lisa told her friend

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Назва1. "I am sorry that we can't have breakfast together this morning. I woke up late and now I have to dash to work," Lisa told her friend
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1. "I am sorry that we can't have breakfast together this morning. I woke up late and now I have to dash ......... to work," Lisa told her friend.

(a) toward

(b) running

(c) on

(d) off

2. "The new president is as different from the last one as ......... and day," Beth said to Louise.

(a) clouds

(b) rain

(c) night

(d) eclipse

3. He had been fighting with his girlfriend day in and day ......... for several months. He didn't know how much longer he could stand the constant fighting.

(a) out

(b) gone

(c) past

(d) spent

4. "So far, the owners of the dog that bit my wife have not offered to pay her medical bills nor have they apologized. We will have our ......... in court soon and then they will have to own up to their responsibilities," Mr. Smith told the reporter.

(a) face

(b) day

(c) fortune

(d) judge

5. "Do you want to go to the mall on Wednesday? Wednesday is my day ......... so we can go for as long as you like," Maxine said to Linda.

(a) off

(b) gone

(c) away

(d) for me

6. "Matt has been ripping a lot of people in this town off and has gotten away with it until now. I talked to some reporters today who are going to do a story about this and make his actions public. Then, hopefully, there will be a day of .........," Luke told Steven.

(a) pay

(b) ownership

(c) evening

(d) reckoning

7. "My car is over twenty years old and its days are .......... It is breaking down more often and runs horribly rough," Janis said to Luke.

(a) numbered

(b) counting

(c) recorded

(d) passing

8. "Dad, the exit you are looking for is ......... ahead! You had better get in your left lane right now so you don't miss the turn-off," Matt said.

(a) far

(b) dead

(c) right

(d) next

9. "Don't worry about standing me up on Friday. I know that you had a good reason and I have forgiven you. Consider the issue ......... and buried," Chris said to Jenny.

(a) past

(b) extinguished

(c) coffin

(d) dead

10. "Ouch! That really hurt! I just hit the ......... center of my forehead on the doorknob as I was bending over," Lisa told Tim when he asked what had happened.

(a) dead

(b) complete

(c) total

(d) measured

11. "I've had this darn cold for the past two days. I'm going to take a really hot bath and try to sweat it .........," Chris said to his wife.

(a) away

(b) through

(c) off

(d) out

12. "My old boss is trying to sweet-......... me into coming back to work for him since they're short on qualified people. I don't think I want to work there again, though," Paul said to Derrick.

(a) talk

(b) voice

(c) tune

(d) word

^ TASK 2.

Jungle girl found

A girl 1) __________ disappeared 2) __________ she was eight 3) __________ old has been found 4) __________ Cambodia, according to 5) __________ father. Eighteen years after she disappeared, a woman was 6) __________ in a village in the Ratanakkiri province trying to steal food. The woman who was found looks 7) __________ other members of the family.

She can't speak 8) __________ language that has been identified and is very frightened, but her family hope that she will adjust and settle down.


1. a) which b) who c) she

2. a) when b) while c) during

3. a) year b) years c) age

4. a) at b) in c)on

5. a) his b) her c) their

6. a) find b) found c) founded

7. a) as b) as if c) like

8. a) any b) no c) the

Japan's most famous dog

In front of the enormous Shibuya train station in Tokyo, there is a life-size bronze statue of a dog. Even though the statue is very small when compared to the huge neon signs flashing, it isn't difficult to find. It has been used as a meeting point since 1934 and today you will find hundreds of people waiting there for their friends to arrive.

Hachiko, an Akita dog, was born in 1923 and brought to Tokyo in 1924. His owner, Professor Eisaburo Uyeno and he were inseparable friends right from the start. Each day Hachiko would accompany his owner, a professor at the Imperial University, to Shibuya train station when he left for work. When he came back, the professor would always find the dog patiently waiting for him. Sadly, the professor died suddenly at work in 1925 before he could return home.

Although Hachiko was still a young dog, the bond between him and his owner was very strong and he continued to wait at the station every day. Sometimes, he would stay there for days at a time, though some believe that he kept returning because of the food he was given by street vendors. He became a familiar sight to commuters over time. In 1934, a statue of him was put outside the station. In 1935, Hachiko died at the place he last saw his friend alive.

Q1 - The statue of Hachiko is small.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say

Q2 - The statue is difficult to find because there are so many people there.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say

Q3 - The professor worked in a school.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say

Q4 - The professor died at work.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say

Q5 - The dog waited every day at the station.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say

Q6 - Nobody gave the dog any food.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say

Q7 - The dog died before the statue was put outside the station.

a) Right

b) Wrong

c) Doesn't say


1. \"I am sorry that we can\Гімназія "Ерудит" Завдання І етапу Всеукраїнської олімпіади з англійської мови
Текст "Johnny wants to rest" Where was Johnny born? What was the first sound? What did he do when he was six? What kind of work had...
1. \"I am sorry that we can\2-belochka-lisa

1. \"I am sorry that we can\Objectives: to practice pupils’ speech on the topic “School subjects”; to develop speaking and reading abilities, guessing work, work in groups, dialogue speech; to practice listening and writing; to develop students’ ability to express their thought logically.
Урок "My favourite subject" у 3 класі за підручником О. Д. Карп’юк Вчитель: Смолінська Н. П
1. \"I am sorry that we can\As usual, we had a look in the fridge late at night. We’ve got beer, wine time to party!!!

1. \"I am sorry that we can\T: Good-morning, children! I’m glad to see you! Let’s repeat

1. \"I am sorry that we can\Mouse Wants to Have a Friend

1. \"I am sorry that we can\Henry and his friend

1. \"I am sorry that we can\Good morning. I want to tell you about starting new job. There are many graduate trainees who have different worries

1. \"I am sorry that we can\About me My name is … I am I am from Ukraine. I like playing games. But I don’t like my favourite sport is my hobby is about my friend

1. \"I am sorry that we can\Пожелание от work ua и админа

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