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Школа, прізвище ім'я учасника

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школа, прізвище ім'я учасника

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Form 11

1. I have bought a computer, ________ is more expensive than this one.

a) who b) which c) that

2. There ________ some books on the shelves.

a) isn’t b) are c) aren’t

3. When I was a teenager I ________ a lot. But I don’t do it now.

a) smoke b) was smoking c) used to smoke

4. There isn’t ________ coffee in the cup.

a) any b) some c) a

5. She ________ us tomorrow.

a) will call b) calls c) call

6. The meeting is cancelled. You ________ prepare your presentation.

a) don’t need b) mustn’t c) don’t have to

7. He ________ too much.

a) talk b) talking c) talks

8. I ________ go out today.

a) not can b) canot c) cannot

9. ________ she ________ her friends yesterday?

a) Did … saw b) Did … see c) Did … sees

10. My ________ name’s Mark.

a) sister’s husband’s b) sister husband’s c) sister’s husband

11. I’m ________ actor.

a) a b) an c) the

12. Oh, we don’t have any bread at home. I ________ go and buy some.

a) am going to b) would c) will

13. We like ________. (Mark and Alice)

a) you b) us c) them

14. We want to meet ________ Monday.

a) at b) in c) on

15. Put ________ postcards on the table.

a) this b) those c) that

16. This armchair is ________ than that armchair.

a) comfortabler b) most comfortable c) more comfortable

17. I think that picture is ________.

a) worse b) the worst c) worst

18. ________ I am going to travel all August.

a) That year b) This year c) In this year

19. They like ________ a lot.

a) ski b) skying c) skiing

20. I like ________ picture most of all.

a) the first b) the one c) first

21. Mark ________ anything to me.

a) didn’t wrote b) not write c) didn’t write

22. ________ many people at the airport.

a) There was b) It was c) There were

23. I am busy at the moment. I ________ an important email.

a) am writing b) writing c) write24. How ________ money did you spend?

a) much b) few c) many

25. We ________ to the USA this month. We have already reserved a hotel in New York.

a) are going b) will go c) go

26. We have ________ eggs in the fridge.

a) any b) little c) a few

27. I ________ a cup of coffee now.

a) I liked b) I would like c) I like

28. ________ you ever ________ to Turkey?

a) Has … been b) Have … be to c) Have … been

29. If you don’t have your pen, take ________.

a) my b) me c) mine

30. He ________ when the phone rang.

a) was sleeping b) were sleeping c) sleeped

31. We didn’t go on a picnic ________ the rain.

a) because b) that’s why c) because of

32. Sleeping pills are as ________ as warm milk and honey if you can’t fall asleep at night.

a) better b) good c) best

33. You see, this car is ________ than that one.

a) less more expensive b) much more expensive c) much expensive

34. They don’t have money to buy a house. If they ________ enough money, they ________

buy one.

a) have, will b) had, will c) had, would

35. They come ________ the USA.

a) from b) in c) at

36. What’s ________ name? Is she Natalia?

a) her b) his c) your

37. Next month I will go on holiday. When I ________ on holiday, I ________ to Paris.

a) went, will fly b) go, would fly c) go, will fly

38. She broke her friend’s clock yesterday. I think she ________ buy him a new one.

a) shall b) should c) has to

39. His boss asked him to make a report. He ________ stay after work today.

a) must b) has to c) should

40. ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ________ by Shakespeare.

a) was written b) was being written c) was wrote

41. When I arrived at home, my parents ________ to bed.

a) have gone b) had gone c) did go

42. She doesn’t like sandwiches. ________

a) Me too. b) So do I. c) Neither do I.

43. I have ________ to do today.

a) nothing b) anything c) everything

44. She thanked me for ________ her a lift.

a) gave b) to give c) giving

45. He promised ________ in time.

a) to come b) coming c) come

46. We ________ our friends tonight.

a) see b) are seeing c) are see

47. She likes ________ him ________ his brother.

a) neither … nor b) both … or c) either … nor

48. She ________ her room all day but she still has a lot to paint.

a) has paintedb) has been painting c) paints

49. They ________ to finish the work in time.

a) must b) were able c) could

50. We’ll do ________ you like.

a) wherever b) where that c) whatever

51. Let’s call him. He ________ be at home now.

a) has to b) must c) is allowed to

52. If they ________, the accident ________.

a) haven’t argued, wouldn’t happen b) hadn’t argued, wouldn’t happen c) hadn’t

argued, wouldn’t have happened

53. You haven’t been to Australia, ________?

a) haven’t you b) did you c) have you

54. I didn’t know anything about it. You ________ me.

a) should told b) should have told c) should be telling

55. ________ you try, ________ you learn.

a) the hardest, the fastest b) the harder, the faster c) the hard, the fast

56. He ________ to be very rich.

a) is thinking b) thinks c) is thought

57. I ________ know him.

a) hardly b) hard c) harder

58. In my opinion, they’re not ________ to come to us today.

a) definitely b) likely c) like

59. You ________ call her.

a) had better b) would better c) have better

60. My car broke and I ________ it ________.

a) am repaired b) had … repaired c) would … be repaired

61. I wish he ________ so rude yesterday.

a) hasn’t been b) haven’t been c) hadn’t been

62. By the time you come we ________ everything.

a) will have finished b) will finish c) will finished, would


Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище ім'я учасника

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Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище ім’я учасника
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Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище та ім’я учасника
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Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище ім’я учасника
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Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище ім’я учасника
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Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище ім’я учасника
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Школа, прізвище ім\Школа, прізвище ім’я учасника
Хто з персонажів повісті І. Нечуя-Левицького «Кайдашева сім’я» займав головну позицію у сімї?
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