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First announcement and call for papers

НазваFirst announcement and call for papers
Дата конвертації10.08.2013
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Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

in cooperation with

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of Cybernetics NАS Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» (NTUU «KPI»)

invite you to participate in

Second Conference ”Informatics and Computer Technics Problems”

(PICT – 2013)

at Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 27−31 May, 2013.

The conference is a wide forum for exchanging knowledge, experience, views, research results, and identifying common problems on the computer science and informatics. Scientists, engineers, experts, post-graduate students, and students are invited.


1. Mathematical problems of control, optimization and the game theory.

2. Control and identification under conditions of uncertainty.

3. Software engineering and programming theory.

4. Computer systems and components.

5. Control in social and economic systems.

6. New information technologies and their applications.


Vice chairmens

Prof. Sergienko I. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Kuntsevich V. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Melnychuk S. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Committee members

Prof. Anisimov A. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Azarov O. (Ukraine, Vinnica)

Prof. Beier G. (Germany, Zwickau)

Prof. Balmush I. (Moldova, Cishinau)

Prof. Bigun Ya. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Bondarenko M. (Ukraine, Kharkov)

Prof. Vykluk Ya. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Garaschenko F. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Graur A. (Romania, Suchava)

Prof. Grebennik I. (Ukraine, Kharkov)

Prof. Grygorkiv V. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Dejbuch V. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Dyvak M. (Ukraine, Ternopil)

Prof. Kryvulia G. (Ukraine, Kharkov)

Prof. Melnik A. (Ukraine, Lviv)

Prof. Nakonechniy O. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Ostapov S. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Petryshyn R. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Pomorova О. (Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy)

Prof. Savula Ya. (Ukraine, Lviv)

Prof. Sopronuk F. (Ukraine, Chernivtsi)

Prof. Sytnikov V. (Ukraine, Odessa)

Prof. Tarasenko V. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Fedasuk D. (Ukraine, Lviv)

Prof. Tscarkov E. (Latvia, Riga)

Prof. Chykriy А. (Ukraine, Kiev)

Prof. Schwarz S. (Germany, Zwickau)

Prof. Yiasniy P. (Ukraine, Ternopil)



Prof. Sopronuk F.

Vice chairmens

Prof. Dejbuch V., prof. Ostapov S.

Committee members

Rusnak N., Vorobec G., Stecko U., Fratavchan V., Balovsiak S.,

Sadoviak A., Val A.

Address of organizational committee of conference

Computer Science Department, Chernivtsi National University,

Kotsubynskogo St., 2, CHNU, Chernivtsi, 58012, Ukraine


Working languages of conference

Ukrainian, Russian and English (without synchronous translation).

Work of sections

The sections will work on the basis of the Computer Science Department of the Chernivtsi National University.

Important dates

Handing in an application April 15, 2013

Presentation of papers for publication April 15, 2013

Invitation to the conference April 25, 2013

The beginning of the registration May 27, 2013

The opening of the conference May 27, 2013

Registration fee

The registration fee for foreigners is 100 EURO and for students and aspirants is 20 EURO. The registration fee for participants from the Commonwealth of Independent States is 15 EURO and for students and aspirants is 8 EURO. The registration fee is paid upon the arrival at the Conference and does not include living in hotel and regular meal (breakfast, dinner, supper).

Conference materials

The texts of the papers included in the program will be published in the conference proceedings before the beginning of the conference. After reviewing the texts of paper may be published in a separated book.

Instructions to authors

 The papers are presented in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

 The text is prepared by Microsoft Word : the page is А4; the book orientation; the single interval; the font Times New Roman, size 11. All margins are 23 mm. An indention is 9 mm. No more than 2 pages.

 The order for placing the material:

the family names and the initials of authors are in the next line written in small letters with the use of commas with leveling at the right-hand edge (without degrees, ranks and positions);

the abbreviated name of affiliation, country is given in brackets; the following line is leveled at the right-hand edge;

the title of papers over the line is written in capital letters and is centered;

the abstract is represented as a line by sloping font from 2 to 8 lines;

the text of the papers over the line with the obligatory raising the practical problem, enumeration of the tasks to be solved, exposition of research essence and formulation of conclusions should correspond to the assigned problem;

when typing the text of the paper the use of the editor Word listing is not allowed;

the heading of the LIST OF LITERATURE is over a line.

 The tables are printed in the text without a turn and should have headings.

 Only those formulas are numbered which have references in the text. The formulas are centered and should not be indention in the line.

 The pictures are inserted into the text and they should have captions.

Registration form

Please complete one form per delegate, to submit the form electronically

Last name, First name, Middle name

Scientific degree, Scientists title and


Department, Organization

E-mail or phone

Title of paper

Authors of papers

Number of section or plenary

The papers and the registration forms are to be sent by e-mail to the address

The electronic letter should contain next two files:

lastname_th.docx – the text of the paper with embedded pictures;

lastname_rf.docx – the registration forms.

The receipt of the papers is confirmed by e-mail.

More detailed information will be included in the second announcement.

We are looking forward to see you

in Chernivtsi!


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