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Sights of London

  • The Tower of London

  • Tower Bridge

  • The Houses of Parliament

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral

  • Big Ben

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Westminster Abbey

The Tower of London

  • The Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous buildings, and now welcomes two million visitors each year. It has been a palace, a prison, a royal mint and even a zoo! Today the 18 acre riverside site is home to the Crown Jewels, (sometimes popularly known as Beefeaters, who are the traditional guards at the tower) and the legendary ravens.

Tower Bridge

  • Tower Bridge was completed in 1894. Now, in a most imaginative modern development, visitors can once again venture inside the bridge to find one of London's most unusual and exciting attractions, video presentations and interactive computers, are used to bring the bridge to life.

The Houses of Parliament

  • Home of the British Government, the building is actually called the Palace of Westminster, but is more commonly known as the Houses of Parliament. These are the elected House of Commons and the House of Lords, made up of hereditary and life peers

Big Ben

  • Possibly the most famous clock face and chimes in the world, Big Ben is actually the name of the biggest bell (13.5 tons) inside The Clock Tower (320ft) which forms part of the Houses of Parliament. Built in 1858/9 the bell was named after one Sir Benjamin Hall and when it was cast it was Britain’s heaviest bell.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

  • Work on this, the most impressive church in London began in 1675 to a design by SIR CHRISTOPHER WREN. It was built to replace old St Paul's which was destroyed by the GREAT FIRE OF LONDON in 1666. The present building has been luckier. It survived the World War II bombings which flattened a great many of the surrounding buildings.

Buckingham Palace

  • Buckingham Palace is the London home of The Queen and Prince Philip. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to take up residence here after the architect John Nash transformed it from Buckingham House into a palace

Westminster Abbey

  • An architectural masterpiece of the thirteenth to sixteenth centuries, Westminster Abbey. It has been the setting for every coronation since 1066 and for numerous other royal occasions. Today it is still a church dedicated to regular worship and to the celebration of great events in the life of the nation.

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